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2016 Season - The Murderer in the Mirror

The Murderer in the Mirror

Written by Peter Colley
Directed by Sharron McMann
Produced by Nikki Parks

Evening Performances at 8:00 pm
Sept. 23, 24, 29, 30, Oct. 1, 6, 7, 8

Matinee Performances at 2:00 pm
Sept. 25, Oct. 2

The Murderer in the Mirror (also known as The Mark of Cain) by Peter Colley is the story of identical twins, who were raised in northern Ontario. Michael committed murder in the family cottage and was sent to a mental institution. His brother Sean, with his new wife, Dale, have returned to sell the property, against Michael's wishes. They hear that Michael has escaped and is heading for the cottage.

Can the police stop Michael, or has he already arrived and taken his brother's place? Or is Sean susceptible to the same madness that afflicted his twin?

The Murderer in the Mirror is a suspenseful thriller, laced with humour, about the dark side of being an identical twin. It is written from the heart, because the author is a twin himself.

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